Cincinnati Wood Collaborative - Custom Hardwood Furniture Made in Cincinnati, USA

We Craft Your Style

Quality craftsmanship using sustainable, local materials.

We provide quality custom woodworking for any size build or renovation.

Check out some of the work we have done in some of Cincinnati's finest restaurants and breweries.

We can handle any residential project.

From custom cabinetry, tables, and chairs, to complete renovations we will work with you to make your style come to life.

Custom Gifts

Our shop is constantly producing quality custom cutting boards, magnetic knife blocks, signs, tables, chairs, benches and much more!  Items tend to sell out fast and if you don't see anything listed for sale contact us and we would be happy to work with you to get your project started!

Cincinnati, OH

We love our city and are proud of the work we do to keep it growing.


We source our wood locally and love supporting other small businesses in our community.


Wood is a renewable material that provides beauty, strength, machinability, and durability at low cost. We only work with certified Master Logging Companies that are held to the standards set by the Ohio Forestry Association (OFA). This ensures the use of responsible forestry practices and proper timber harvesting techniques which maintains the integrity of forests and positively affect the growth of a forest ecosystem.